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By Arthur L. Kimball

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36. -A force may be measured in three ways: 1. By the weight that it can support. This is the gravitation method. 2. By its power to strain an elastic body, as in the ordinary spring balance. 3. By its power to give motion to a mass. This is the dynamical method. The first method is very convenient and forms the basis of most measurements of force in engineering and ordinary life, but it has the disadvantage that the force required to support a pound weight varies from place to place on the earth.

Any case of equilibrium with parallel forces may be discussed in a similar way, two conditions being met, namely, the sum of the forces acting in anyone direction must be equal to the sum of the forces in the opposite direction, and the sum of the clockwise moments about any axis must be equal to the. sum of the counter-clockwise moments. 66. -A certain 1 bar having no weight is acted on by four forees as shown in "F~1l 4 figure 24, forces of 4 lba. and 2 . ,,"". IbiS. acting upward and 3 Ihs.

As it travels it is resisted by the air, losing kinetic energy exactly equivalent to the heat energy developed by friction in the air. On striking the target, sound waves earry off a small part of the energy, there may also be a. flash of light which also takes away some energy, and the rest will be found in the form of heat developed in the target and in the ball itself and also in the form of kinetic energy in the fragments which may be thrown off. The principle of the conservation of energy asserts that if we add together all the energy that is derived from the motion of the 'ball the sum will be eactly equal to the amount of work which was required to give it its motioD.

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