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Get A Guide to Physics Problems. part 12 Mechanics, Relativity, PDF

By S.Cahn, B.Nadgorny

ISBN-10: 0306484005

ISBN-13: 9780306484001

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1), starting at and Also, at she leaves behind a satellite that remains at rest at The satellite emits flashes of light at a rate that is constant in the satellite’s rest frame. Show that only a finite number of flashes ever reach the observer. 1), decides to retrieve the satellite. Show that she cannot wait longer than to decide to do so. Hint: To retrieve it at this limiting time, she must “reach down” to the satellite with the speed of light, bring it back at the speed of light, and wait indefinitely long for its return.

2a. 2b). a) In the Earth frame, how much time will pass before the rockets collide? b) How fast is rocket B approaching in A’s frame? How fast is rocket A approaching in B’s frame? c) How much time will elapse in A’s frame from the time rocket A passes point until collision? How much time will elapse in B’s frame from the time rocket B passes point until collision? 3 Photon Box (Stony Brook) An empty box of total mass M with perfectly reflecting walls is at rest in the lab frame. 3). RELATIVITY 35 a) State what the rest mass of the system (box + photons) will be when the photons are present.

B) Suppose the velocity of the ejecta is limited only by and derive the relativistic analogue of the above equation. Show that it reduces to the Newtonian result at the appropriate limit. 6). 7 Charge in Uniform Electric Field (Stony Brook, Maryland, Colorado) Find the trajectory of a particle of mass charge field E, assuming zero velocity parallel to E at in the plane of motion. 8 in a uniform electric Sketch the trajectory Charge in Electric Field and Flashing Satellites (Maryland) a) Write the relativistic equations of motion for a particle of charge and mass in an electromagnetic field.

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A Guide to Physics Problems. part 12 Mechanics, Relativity, and Electrodynamics by S.Cahn, B.Nadgorny

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