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AC Electrokinetic: Colloids and Nanoparticles by Hywel Morgan, Nicolas G. Green PDF

By Hywel Morgan, Nicolas G. Green

ISBN-10: 0585489491

ISBN-13: 9780585489490

ISBN-10: 0863802559

ISBN-13: 9780863802553

This ebook is an advent to the technological know-how at the back of the recent expertise, and explains how the electrical box interacts with the debris. It describes how those micro-systems are synthetic and the way they're used to check homes of the debris. The authors supply a accomplished remedy of the underlying ideas and governing conception for the AC electrokinetic habit of debris, overview the present cutting-edge in AC electrokinetic manipulation and characterization of debris, and supply chapters on simulation, gadget layout and fabrication.

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0 1 10 10 3  σ p + 2σ m     ε p + 2ε m  10 5 10 7 10 9 Frequency (Hz) Fig. 4 Plot of the variation of the real (solid line) and imaginary (dotted line) parts of the Clausius-Mossotti factor with frequency. The high and low frequency limiting values of the real part are shown, as well as the value of the imaginary part at the relaxation frequency. e. it depends solely on the conductivity of the particle and suspending medium. Conversely, the high frequency limiting value is (ε p − ε m ) /(ε p + 2ε m ) and the polarisation is dominated by the permittivity of the particle and suspending medium.

Special cases of ellipsoids There are a number of special cases of ellipsoid which are interesting to consider. For a sphere, a1 = a2 = a3 and the depolarising factors are A1 = A2 = A3 = 1 3 . 9). The second case is the prolate ellipsoid, which has the condition 1 >>  = 3. 18) where e = 1 − a2 a1 is the eccentricity. In the case of some sub-micrometre particles, such as Tobacco Mosaic Virus (discussed in Chapter Eleven) which is a long thin rod, the shape can be approximated to a prolate ellipsoid, with the depolarising factor along the major axis a1 tending to zero and to 1 along axes a2 and a3 .

A. Electromagnetic theory McGraw-Hill, New York (1941). Takashima S. Electrical Properties of Biopolymers and Membranes Adam Hilger, Philadelphia (1989). L. L. H. The behaviour of unicellular organisms in an electromagnetic field Exp. Cell Res. 20 548-564 (1960). , Pethig R. B. Relationship of dielectrophoretic and electrorotational behaviour exhibited by polarized particles J. Phys. D: Appl. Phys 25 905-912 (1992). H. and Pethig R. Theoretical and experimental investigations of the interdependence of the dielectric, dielectrophoretic and electrorotational behaviour of colloidal particles J.

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AC Electrokinetic: Colloids and Nanoparticles by Hywel Morgan, Nicolas G. Green

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