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Download e-book for iPad: African American Settlements in West Africa: John Brown by Amos J. Beyan (auth.)

By Amos J. Beyan (auth.)

ISBN-10: 1349530948

ISBN-13: 9781349530946

ISBN-10: 1403979197

ISBN-13: 9781403979193

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Russwurm, again, highlighted his reasons for leaving America for Liberia immediately following his arrival to the latter, thus: It is with much pleasure that we have witnessed the daily spreading of the cause of colonization. And though, a few of them, misled themselves, have endeavored to mislead the ignorant to [move] to Canada. Do not the resolutions of Upper Canada speak volumes? Are they not viewed as intruders? Will not the arbitrary laws, or rather prejudices which have been raised in Ohio, be planted and matured in Canada?

36 African American Settlements in West Africa asked this question:“would have Mr. T. 34 Cornish, a former strong supporter of Russwurm, became one of his chief critics and the ACS. He declared that although Russwurm and prominent members of the ACS wished to deny blacks the right to be American citizens, Cornish emphasized that they would never succeed in such an attempt, and that blacks were in America to stay. ”35 The denunciations of Russwurm and the ACS by the anti-colonizationists increasingly became blistering following his departure from America for Liberia in 1829.

2 The reinforcement of the oppression of blacks was among the reasons why Russwurm decided to support the ACS, the organization that had established the colony of Liberia on the coast of West Africa in 1822. As mentioned earlier, Russwurm had displayed interest in settling in Haiti after his studies at Bowdoin College in 1826. He gave this up, however, in favor of the position of other black leaders such as William Watkins, Bishop Richard Allen, and others who believed that blacks should remain in America and fight for their rightful place.

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African American Settlements in West Africa: John Brown Russwurm and the American Civilizing Efforts by Amos J. Beyan (auth.)

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