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African Health Secrets - download pdf or read online

By Kukuwa Kyereboah-Nuamah

ISBN-10: 1626616507

ISBN-13: 9781626616509

African well-being secrets and techniques teaches readers that the way in which they deal with their our bodies impacts their actual wellbeing and fitness and wellbeing and fitness, or even their college lives. The ebook offers common how one can in attaining future health and well being, and indicates readers the right way to follow those to their lives via nutritious diet offerings and the self-discipline of dance.

It provides suggestions concerning the right solution to consume and drink obviously, to let the physique to operate competently. It additionally addresses how nature impacts the physique, and the way to perform self-care via an easier, natural lifestyle.

The ten chapters of the booklet contain info on African domestic treatments, meals and workout, some great benefits of juicing, weight concerns, and sensible guidance and recommendation for bettering health and wellbeing. the fabric additionally reframes reliable consuming behavior, concentrating on confident way of life offerings, instead of food plan.

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When we got up before we all left home to go to school or to our activities, our mother made sure she filled us up, because the next meal would not be until lunch. At lunch came the same idea. We were fed a good, rounded meal of proteins, carbs, and veggies that was filling at school or at home until the next meal, which was dinner. For us there were no in-betweens. Snack was always fruit—in our case, a tropical fruit, such as mango—or a coconut drink that would fill up our in-betweens. Dinner was also another rounded, full, balanced meal of protein, veggies, and carbs.

After the initial six months of total consumption of just breast milk, I fed them homemade meals made with organic fruits and vegetables. I would blend or mash their fruits and vegetables freshly every day, not feeding them anything premade that had a shelf life. I also gave them cod liver oil to provide vitamin E, just as my mother gave my siblings and I while we were growing up in Africa. I even detoxified their bodies with fresh ginger the way my mother and grandmother had taught me, as I explained in chapter 2.

Nana Esi was born a healthy, bouncing baby with no ailments, illnesses, or diseases, so you can only imagine how devastated I was to see her go through this trauma at the age of only eleven. My devastation took me into deep research about what had happened to my poor child. I spent a good part of my day reading and researching and going back to my basic upbringing of the natural ways of health that were taught to me as a child and young adult while growing up in Ghana. Nana Esi came into this world a bouncy, healthy, bright-eyed baby girl, weighing seven pounds, eleven ounces, kicking and gurgling, as happy as could be.

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African Health Secrets by Kukuwa Kyereboah-Nuamah

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